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Choose the Right Padlock for Your School’s Lockers

If you work at a school, then it’s time to start thinking about stocking up on supplies for the fall. For example, the lockers at your school need to be secure against theft and tampering but easy for authorized personnel to access when necessary. That’s why you need to do your homework on the different types of locker-style combination padlocks. At Philadelphia Security Products, we offer three padlock styles created by trusted brands that are designed to fit your school’s needs: Key Control Locker Padlocks Key Control Locker Padlocks have unique combinations but can all be opened by a control...

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Prevent Equipment Theft at Your Business

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Despite this, one out of three organizations has no physical security policy in place for their electronic assets such as laptops and mobile devices. Philadelphia Security Products provides physical security solutions to protect your business’s assets. We offer trusted brands like Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Lock for sale online. We have also manufactured and distributed Flexguard Security System security cable locks since 1985. Flexguard hardware protects computers, large machinery, and small company assets from theft. If your organization is upgrading the physical security of its equipment, consider how best to use...

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OSHA Steps For Safe Lockout Procedure

It is estimated that safety lockout padlocks can help to avoid approximately 50,000 workplace injuries per year. Philadelphia Security Products carries a wide variety of Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Locks for sale online with one thing in mind — safety. Using our safety lockout padlocks along with the OSHA-approved steps for a careful lockout procedure, you can ensure that the utmost caution is used with all potential hazards in your workplace. Step One: Prepare For Shutdown The first step for a safely-executed lockout procedure includes properly preparing for the machinery or energy source to be shut down. It...

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What You Need to Know About Safety Lockout Padlocks and the Lockout/Tagout Procedure

When you're working with hazardous materials, one of the first things that should be considered is how to ensure employee safety when machinery is undergoing maintenance or repair. The lockout/tagout system, which uses a number of safety lockout padlocks and folding lockout hasps to ensure that the machine cannot accidentally harm workers, is crucial to maintaining an OSHA-compliant workplace and ensuring that potentially hazardous maintenance procedures do not put your employees at risk. If you are transitioning to an industry or process that requires that you employ the lockout/tagout system, read on to learn the crucial information that you need...

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Make Sure Your Security Stands Up to Winter Conditions

Winter is on its way, which means that any padlocks or outdoor security systems that you have in place are about to face the toughest months of wear and tear that they will see all year round. At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., we are determined to keep your security systems fully functioning during the harsh winter season. Not only do we have the largest variety of different sizes, materials, and brands of padlocks, but we pride ourselves on providing the most lasting products on the market. To keep your security tight and reliable this winter season, it is crucial to...

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