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Three Things to Know Before Buying a File Locking Bar

A file locking bar is the most popular filing cabinet lock on the market, and for good reason too. No matter if you are a small company, a large company, or just need a way to securely store your files at home, a file locking bar is a quick and easy solution to ensure your documents are kept secure from prying eyes. At Philadelphia Security Products, we sell Abus File Bars, in addition to safety lockout padlocks, and number of other lock solutions to meet the many file securing needs of our customers. Here are three questions to ask before...

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3 Benefits of Choosing Hidden Shackle Padlocks

At Philadelphia Security Products, we know that keeping your business and physical assets safe is important to you. You can buy combination padlocks and as well as an extensive range of other security products on our site to help you keep peace of mind when you aren’t around to keep watch of your valuables. One of the most impressive and sought-after products that we have are our hidden shackle padlocks. In recent years, these locks have made waves in the security industry because of their overall safety implications and capabilities. So what are the benefits of hidden shackle padlocks? We’re...

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Secure Your Valued Possessions with Flexguard Security Systems

Since 1985, Philadelphia Security Products has been a leading manufacturer the Flexguard Security System. Security cable locks protect larger items like desktop computers and laptops from theft while smaller security tethers are popular for securing tablets, handheld medical devices, and remote controls. Additionally, the Flexguard security retractors protect and manage the smallest items such as retail display products. Use the Flexguard Security System for computer security and asset protection wherever assets are at risk of theft. For locking entrances and enclosures, Philadelphia Security Products has larger Master locks for sale to meet those needs and provide reliable security for business...

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Cut Keys With Us and Cut Out the Manufacturer

Cutting keys can be a time consuming and costly task. Depending on the number of keys being cut or duplicated, the cost may outweigh the benefits, especially if you decide to go with the manufacturer. To save time and money, cut out the manufacturer and choose Philadelphia Security Products for your next key-cutting job. With our new in-house key cutting machine, we’ve reduced turnaround from three weeks to a much shorter timeframe: keys can ship out in as little as two business days from the time you initiate the order request. Once we’ve received the keys, we can duplicate without...

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Could You Benefit From a One-Time Use Padlock?

Philadelphia Security Products recently introduced an aluminum one-time use padlock to its wide selection of security products, such as Master padlocks, for sale online. The idea of a lock without a key or a code may seem odd to some, but there are several advantages to a padlock that you can only use once. You Know When These Locks Have Been Opened The only way to remove a one-time use lock is to cut its shackle. The cut shackle leaves unambiguous evidence that someone has tampered with the lock, so if anyone gets past this padlock, you will know about...

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