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Laminated Steel Padlocks

Laminated Steel Padlocks are the strongest padlocks available. Because laminated steel is a very strong material, it is an excellent choice for the construction of padlocks. Laminated steel padlocks are also easy to manufacture resulting in lower costs and ultimately a lower price to the consumer. Laminated steel padlocks are plated to resists corrosion making laminated steel padlocks a good choice for both interior and exterior security applications. A complete selection of laminated steel padlocks for sale can be found at

Laminated steel padlocks are available in many sizes, body widths, shackle clearances and shackle materials. Philadelphia Security Products has over 30 models of laminated steel padlocks for sale on Brands include Master Lock, Abus Lock, and the very popular economy padlocks by Guard.

Master Lock laminated steel padlocks are available with either a warded keyway construction or a pin cylinder construction. The economical warded padlock models 10, 22, 105, and 500 offer very good security at a price that is hard to beat. Warded padlocks are easily identified by identical cuts on both sides of the key. Other warded padlocks models include the Master Lock 510 and 517 with an adjustable shackle and the 500BRK with a breakaway shackle. Pin cylinder padlocks are the most secure, pick resistant padlocks available. Pin cylinders have as few as three pins or as many as six pins per cylinder with six-pin cylinders offering as many as 40,000 different key codes. The most popular Master Lock laminated steel padlocks are models 1, 3, 5, and 7. These padlocks have four-pin cylinders offering hundreds of different key codes. They can be purchased all keyed alike, all keyed differently, or master keyed and are also available with various shackle heights and colored bumpers. Other Master Lock laminated steel padlock models include the five-pin rekeyable models 101, 25, and 21. The rekeyable padlock cylinder can be replaced when necessary at a fraction of the cost of full padlock replacement. Master Lock is always a good choice when it is time to buy laminated steel padlocks online at

Abus Lock laminated steel padlocks for sale online at are available all keyed alike, all keyed differently, or master keyed. Abus Lock is a German company that has manufactured high quality laminated steel padlocks since 1924. The Abus 41 series includes laminated steel padlock models with double locking case hardened steel shackles and an anti-drill out keyway cover for added protection. Choose Abus Lock when you buy laminated steel padlocks online if you are looking for solid, high quality construction.

One of our most popular brand of laminated steel padlocks for sale are the economy padlocks by Guard. These padlocks are available all keyed alike or all keyed differently with body widths from 3/4” to 2” and shackle clearances from 1/2” to 2-1/2”. We stock thousands of the economy laminated steel padlocks in our warehouse enabling us to ship most orders in one day. Many customers choose to buy laminated steel padlocks online at for the low prices, large selection, and quick order fulfilment.