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American Lock

American Lock

American Lock has been the padlock brand of choice for industry, government, and commercial users worldwide for more than 100 years. American Lock manufactures high security padlocks that stand up to attack and to the harshest environments. Use the filter tool below to narrow your selection by brand, product type, and product specifications.

Don't see what you are looking for? Visit the American Lock web site to find the item you need then submit a Request for Quotation to Philadelphia Security Products for the lowest prices available. We distribute all American Lock products.


American padlocks for sale on represent the most popular commercial grade locks. These padlocks include safety lockout padlocks, solid brass padlocks, solid steel padlocks, stainless steel padlocks, and dial combination padlocks.

American Lock safety lockout padlocks are the most popular padlocks that you can buy online. The American Lock A1100 series aluminum safety lockout padlocks are the standard in the industry. Models A1105, A1106, and A1107 have varying shackle heights. They have 5-pin cylinders, are available in nine different colors, and can be keyed alike, keyed differently, or master keyed. Other features include optional key retaining cylinders, optional body and key engraving, and padlock registration. The key retaining cylinder prevents removal of the key when the padlock is unlocked. Many American Lock buyers choose to have their company logo or department name engraved on the lock body. Engraving is available in six locations on the American Lock A1100 series padlock body.

All safety lockout orders are registered with American Lock to ensure that there are no duplicate keys in accordance with OSHA requirements. The newest safety lockout padlock from American Lock is the S1100 series. These padlocks offer the same color options and features as the A1100 series, but have a 6-pin cylinder with over 40,000 key changes. This is very valuable for larger lockout systems where duplication of key changes is more likely. We proudly offer all of these American padlocks for sale online at our padlock super store,

We offer many other American padlocks for sale online on our website Choose the solid brass, solid steel, or solid stainless steel padlock that meets your requirements. You can buy locks with short or long shackles. Choose locks that are all keyed alike, keyed alike in groups, all keyed differently, or master keyed. Two of the most popular solid steel padlocks are model A700 and model A2010. Model A700 is a solid steel padlock with round body and a 7/16” shackle diameter. It is frequently used to lock truck tailgates and store fronts. Model A2010 is a hidden shackle padlock used with a model A801 hasp to lock van doors and vending machines. If you are looking for American Padlocks for sale, look no further than