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Locker Padlocks

  • Abus 158KC/45 Control Key
    Abus Lock

    Abus 158KC/45 Control Key

    $ 5.95

    Abus 158KC/45 control keys allow supervisory access to model 158KC/45 combination padlocks. ABUS Item Number 12709 158/45 KC AP050 Key Only

  • Control Key Padlocks allow quick access to a locker by authorized personnel. A combination control chart is included with each order of control key padlocks for easy system management.
  • Standard Locker Padlocks do not have the control key feature. They have a factory set combination that cannot be changed. Master Lock model 1502 includes a control chart for easy system management.
  • Control keys are sold separately.

Padlocks are grouped into two general categories: keyed padlocks and combination padlocks. Combination padlocks are the preferred padlocks for many customers for their convenience since there is no key to lose. A combination padlock operates by entering numbers through roller dials on the bottom or a single dial on the face of the padlock body. Combination padlocks with the dial on the face are the most popular choice for school student and other institutional settings. For this reason, they are often referred to as locker padlocks. The non-resettable feature is preferred by administrators to make it easiest to keep track of combinations.

Philadelphia Security Products has all types of combination locker padlocks for sale online at Choose from a large selection of locker padlocks from all major manufacturers including Master Lock, American Lock, Abus Lock, and Zephyr Lock.

Combination locker padlocks for sale online include padlocks that have the control key override feature. Master Lock model 1525 is the most popular, but there are several other high-quality models including the American Lock model A400K, the Abus Lock model 78/50KC, and Zephyr Lock model 1925. Control key padlocks have a non-resettable combination, but there is also a keyway in the back that allows the padlocks to be opened quickly with a special key referred to as a control key. Authorized key holders such as school principals do not need to open the padlocks using the combination. Another valuable feature of control key padlocks is the control chart.

The back of each padlock has a serial number etched in it. The control chart is a list of serial numbers and the matching three-digit combinations for each serial number. The control chart is very handy since it can be used to retrieve a lost or forgotten combination. The control chart also enables supervisors to re-use padlocks from one year to the next. Control key locker padlocks with control charts are specifically designed for institutional settings such as schools. They offer the security students want with the control school administrators need. Combination locker padlocks for sale online can be found at

There are several locker padlocks for sale online that do not have the control key or control chart features but are priced significantly lower. The Master Lock model 1500 is very popular. These locker padlocks have serial numbers etched in the back for customers to create their own control chart if they like. The Master Lock Fortress brand model 1850D and the Economy Lock model 35151 are individually packed in a retail card. The retail card enables these low-priced padlocks to be displayed for easy resale at fitness clubs, skating rinks, and ski resorts. Buy locker padlocks online at

Most locker padlocks can be ordered with colored dials and engraving on the center of the dial. Many schools order padlock with dials colored to the primary school color and have the school mascot engraved on the dial. Request a quotation for pricing and lead time. Key control locker locks from Master Lock and American Lock are built to order. Allow three to four weeks for delivery. Key control padlocks from Abus and Zephyr usually ship in about five business days. Non-key control locker padlocks are in stock in our warehouse and typically ship on one day. Buy locker padlocks online at