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Python Cable Locks

Master Lock Python Cable Locks and Security Cables provide flexible solutions for tools, ladders, grills, outdoor furniture, and more.

  • Patented adjustable locking mechanism holds cable tight at any position for perfect fit
  • Braided steel for strength and flexibility
  • Cable end threads through places other cables cannot
  • Model 8413 includes a rekeyable wafer cylinder for maximum pick resistance. Can be keyed-alike to any standard M1 key cut
  • Rust resistant lock and vinyl coated cable for superior weather and scratch resistance

Cable locks offer versatile, flexible, and economical solutions to special security needs. They are used by home owners to secure guns, bicycles, grills, and patio furniture. Contractors use cable locks to secure equipment on the job site and to secure ladders to their trucks. Restaurant owners use cable locks to secure outside furniture. Big box hardware stores use cable locks to secure inventory on display. Cable locks are available in various lengths, cable diameters, colors, and keying options. Buy cable locks online at where you will find a complete selection of cable locks for sale from Master Lock and Flexguard.

Master Lock cable locks for sale include the very popular Python brand as well as gun locks, light duty bicycle cable locks, and general use security cables.

The Python cable locks feature a unique ratcheting lock. The security cable is inserted into the lock head. The cable can be pulled to tighten the cable, but it cannot be loosened without the key. This ingenious design makes the Python cable the preferred choice by most consumers. There are three Python cable locks for sale. Model 8417D is a 3/16” vinyl coated lightweight cable 6 feet in length. It is only available keyed differently. Model 8419 is a 5/16” vinyl coated medium grade cable 6 feet in length. It is available keyed alike or keyed differently. The toughest Python cable lock is model 8413. The 3/8” vinyl coated heavy duty cable is available in any length from 2 to 30 ft. The keying options for model 8413 include keyed alike, keyed differently, or master keyed. Model 8413 can be rekeyed with model 8491 Python Cylinder Rekeying Kit. When you need to buy cable locks online, choose  

The Master Lock model 107DSPT gun cable lock offers safety and security to firearm owners. Model 107DSPT is California approved and tested by an independent laboratory to stringent AB106 requirements. The 14” flexible braided steel security cable inserts into the 1-1/8” laminated steel padlock. Model 107DSPT is available keyed alike or keyed differently.  

Master Lock cable locks for sale for general security are available with various locking options, lengths, cable diameters, and colors. Model 719D is a lightweight 3 ft. x 3/16” vinyl coated cable that inserts into a 1-1/8” laminated steel padlock. Model 8155DCC is a heavy duty 6 ft. x 5/8” vinyl coated cable with an integrated pin tumbler padlock for maximum pick resistance. Master lock has over 20 cable locks for sale. Buy Master Lock cable locks online at

Master lock also offers basic looped end security cables that can be locked with any padlock. Models 72DPF, 78DPF, and 85DPF range in length from 4 ft. to 15 ft. with a 3/8” in diameter. These heavy duty security cables offer low price and high security.   

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. offers its own brand of security cable locks for sale, the Flexguard Security System cables. The Flexguard cable locks are built to order in lengths from 1 ft. to 50 ft. and cable diameters of 3/16”, 1/4”, and 5/16”. The Flexguard double loop cables are coated in protective black vinyl. When you need to order custom security cables, buy cable locks online at