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Magnum Padlocks

Magnum brand padlocks are manufactured by the Master Lock Company. Master Lock created the Magnum series of padlocks to offer the strength and lower price of laminated steel padlocks, but with enhanced features to improve security, durability, and weather resistance. The Magnum Laminated padlocks are an excellent choice for all-weather applications where higher security is required. There are a number of upgrades from the traditionally laminated steel padlocks featured in the Magnum Padlocks. The most obvious difference can be seen in the padlock body cover. The Magnum padlocks have a stainless-steel body cover and stainless-steel top and bottom body caps.

This stainless-steel jacket protects the laminated steel body from the elements. The improved security and resistance to cutting come from the octagonal boron-carbide steel shackle. The octagonal shape of the shackle is much more difficult for cutting tools to grab and boron-carbide is 50% harder than regular hardened steel. These two features improve the strength of the shackle. The final feature that improves security is the shackle’s dual locking ball bearings instead of dual levers. Shackles locked with internal ball bearings provide maximum resistance against prying and hammering. offers a variety of Magnum padlocks online for sale.

Magnum padlocks online for sale are available in various shapes and sizes. The most popular commercial models are models found in the commercial M1 and M5 series. They are designed for use on exterior gates, dumpsters, tool boxes, and outside sheds. Models M1, M1LF, and M1LJ have a 1-3/4” body width and 5/16” octagonal boron-carbide shackle. The shackle heights vary from 1” to 2-1/2”. Models M5, M5LF, and M5LJ are larger than the M1 series with a body width of 2” and shackle diameter of 3/8”. The M5 series of Magnum laminated steel padlocks are also available with shackle heights from 1” to 2-1/2”. Both the M1 and M5 series of padlocks are available individually keyed, keyed alike, and master keyed. There are several other Magnum padlocks online for sale.

The popular disc padlock models M40XD and M50XD offer maximum protection from cutting. The shackle of these padlock models is shrouded making it almost impossible to cut. Other features of the Magnum disc padlocks include a keyway cover for maximum protection from the weather, the key retaining feature that ensures the padlock is not left unlocked, and a body bumper to prevent scratching. The M40XD is 2-3/4” in diameter with a 3/8” diameter octagonal shackle. Model M50DX is larger with a 3-1/8” body width and a 7/16” octagonal shackle. Models M40XD and M50XD are only available keyed differently. Both models are packed in retail cards for easy display. Other Magnum padlock models include resettable combination padlock models M175XDLF and the key control resettable combination padlock model M176XDLH. Some Magnum padlocks are available in multiple padlock packs with the padlocks in those packs all keyed alike. Buy Magnum padlocks online from Philadelphia Security Products on our website

Magnum padlocks are designed for maximum weather resistance and security at a very competitive price. Choose to buy Magnum padlocks online at