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Security Chains

Security Chain offers maximum protection from theft. Security chain solves tough security problems such as securing gates, motor cycles, jobsite equipment, and locking ladders and other equipment to vehicle roof racks. Security chain is available in any length from 1 ft. to 100 ft. and can be secured with most padlocks. Buy security chain online at where you will find a complete selection of security chain for sale.

The Philadelphia Security Products offers security chain for sale that is manufactured by the Abus Lock Company. The chain can be customized to any length from 1 ft. to 100 ft. Security chain is also available with a protective vinyl sleeve. The sleeve prevents the chain from scratching surfaces on vehicles and equipment. There are three features of the Abus security chain that set it apart from other chain. The first feature is the shape of the chain links. Abus chain links are square shaped which is a lot more effective against attacks with cutting tools. Secondly, the chain steel is case hardened to Rockwell HRC 44. Case hardened steel can only be defeated with a ceramic blade or a torch. The third feature is the special anti-corrosion coating that make them ideal for outdoor use. When you need to buy security chain online, choose

Abus Lock manufactures security chain with various link diameters. They are models 6KS, 8KS, 10KS, 12KS and 14KS with respective link diameters of 1/4", 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 9/16”. The end links for model 12KS (1/2”) interlock so that the chain can be locked by passing one link through the other and locking the padlock to the single link. The other models do not have this feature. Order the Abus Lock vinyl sleeve for the chain when you need to prevent the chain from scratching surfaces it may contact. The vinyl sleeve is slightly loose to allow maximum flexibility of the chain. The ends of the coating are riveted to the penultimate link on each end of the chain leaving the last link exposed.   

Any padlock can be used to lock a security chain. When selecting a padlock, choose one with a shackle diameter at least as large as the thickness of the chain link if possible. For example, if you want to lock an 8KS chain which has a 5/16” link diameter, choose a padlock with a 5/16” or larger shackle diameter. The most popular padlocks for use with security chain are the Abus monoblock padlocks. These padlocks have a large, straight shackle and an open area under the shackle to allow clearance for the chain links. When the two end links are locked together with a monoblock padlock, the shackle of the padlock is not accessible making it nearly impossible to cut. Monoblock padlocks are available in various sizes and can be keyed alike or keyed differently. Choose monoblock padlock models 82/63 and 92/65 to lock 8KS chain, models 92/65 and 82/70 to lock 10KS chain, and models 82/90 and 92/80 to lock 12KS and 14KS chain.  

Philadelphia Security Products can fabricate a security chain for you with your choice of chain link size, overall length, and with or without a protective vinyl sleeve. Buy security chain online at where you will find a complete selection of security chain for sale.