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Abus Lock Padlocks

August Bremicker and his sons founded the Abus Lock Company in 1924. They created a security hardware product line of unparalleled quality. The Abus Lock Company today is headquartered in Wetter, Germany. Abus Lock products are distributed worldwide and include a wide range of security solutions for home security, business security, and safety lockout. Philadelphia Security Products has distributed Abus Lock hardware for more than 20 years. Homeowners, business managers, safety managers, and institutional buyers choose Philadelphia Security Products and to buy Abus padlocks online.


All Weather Padlocks

Abus Brass Padlocks

Brass Padlocks

Abus Combination Padlocks

Combination Padlocks

Abus Laminated Steel Padlocks

Laminated Steel Padlocks

Abus Titalium Padlocks

Titalium Padlocks

Abus Granit Padlocks

Granit High Security Padlocks

Abus Diskus Padlocks

Disc Padlocks

Abus Safety Lockout Padlocks

Safety Lockout Padlocks

Abus Locker Padlocks

Locker Padlocks

Abus Door Key Compatible Padlocks

Door Key Compatible Padlocks

Abus Security Chain

Security Chain

Abus File Cabinet Lock Bars

File Cabinet Lock Bars

Security hardware buyers choose to buy Abus padlocks and other security hardware online at for our low prices, knowledgeable customer service staff, and quick order fulfillment. Abus Lock security chain, file cabinet locking bars, all-weather padlocks, Diskus® padlocks, safety lockout padlocks, and door key compatible rekeyable padlocks are the most popular Abus Lock products.

We stock five sizes of Abus Lock security chain. We fabricate it to the length you need, add an optional vinyl sleeve, and ship most orders in two days. Whether you need one foot or one hundred feet of security chain, is the store for you.

Abus Lock manufactures the most popular file cabinet locking bars. Abus Lock file bars are available in five lengths to lock file cabinets with one to five drawers. File bars are easy to install and can be mounted on either the left or right side of the file cabinet. The file bar mounts to the front of the file cabinet allowing multiple file cabinets to be next to each other without interference. File bars can be locked with any keyed or combination padlock with a shackle diameter of 3/16” to 5/16” in diameter.

Abus Lock all-weather padlocks are designed for use in the harshest environments. Choices include the 55 series padlocks constructed from marine brass, the 70 series padlocks constructed from brass coated with PVC, and all Abus Diskus® padlocks. All-weather combination padlocks such as the Abus Lock 180 series with stainless steel shackle offer keyless convenience and Abus Lock durability.

Safety managers choose to buy Abus padlocks for their safety lockout needs at Abus safety padlocks are constructed from lightweight aluminum and are available in nine colors. Abus safety lockout padlocks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or master keyed and there are four shackle heights to meet all your lockout needs.

The Abus Lock 83 series door key compatible padlocks are the favorite choice of locksmiths. This extensive collection of padlocks includes aluminum, brass, solid steel, and all-weather PVC coated lock bodies. The 83 series padlock cylinders feature the patented Z-bar and easy to use pinning window. Available OEM keyways include Schlage, Kwikset, Corbin, and many more. When locksmiths need to order padlocks online, they choose to buy Abus padlocks from

Abus Lock manufactures a complete line of security hardware and padlocks. Other models not previously mentioned include the 41 series laminated padlocks, the solid brass monoblock padlocks for use with security chain, and the new Titalium padlocks made from a special alloy that is as strong as brass, but as light as aluminum. is the best choice when it is time to buy Abus padlocks online.

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