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Keyed Alike Padlocks

Open Multiple Padlocks With The Same Key

Keyed padlocks are available with many different features. Customers consider size, body material, shackle diameter, and shackle clearance when deciding which padlock is best for their particular application. Once the choice of padlock model is made, the customer must decide how their padlocks are to be keyed. There are a number of keying options available from all the brands we carry including Master Lock, American Lock, and Abus Lock. The customer can order padlocks that are keyed differently, keyed alike, or master keyed. There is often confusion about the differences between these keying options.

Padlocks that are described as keyed differently have their own unique key. Usually two copies of the key are included with each padlock. These unique keys will only open that particular padlock. However, every padlock model has a limited number of key differs available. The total pool of available key differs is determined by the number of pins in the cylinder. A 3-pin cylinder may have only 40 key differs while a 6-pin cylinder has over 40,000 key differs. The most secure padlocks have more pins in the cylinder creating a larger pool of key differs. To buy padlocks that are keyed differently on our website, simply select “differently” in the “Key Locks” drop down list on the product page.

Padlocks described as master keyed are a group of padlocks that are all keyed differently, each with a pair of keys that only opens that one particular padlock, but the group of padlocks are also controlled by a special key known as a master key. The master key opens all of the padlocks in the group. Master keys are sold separately. Master keyed padlocks are useful for supervised groups of end users such as students. Each student needs a uniquely keyed padlock to secure his or her locker, but the teacher or school administrator holds the master key so that he or she has quick access to all lockers. To buy padlocks that are master keyed, simply select “master keyed” in the “Key Locks” drop down list on the product page. Master keying is not available for all padlock models.

Consumers and business owners choose to buy keyed alike padlocks online for the convenience of having one key operate all of their padlocks. We have hundreds of keyed alike padlock models from Master Lock, American Lock, and Abus Lock. Keyed alike padlocks are identical and the keys included with them are identical. All of the keys will open are all of the padlocks. The disadvantage of having all keyed alike padlocks is that a lost or stolen key jeopardizes the entire group of padlocks. There are two options if you want to buy keyed alike padlocks online at If this is your first purchase and you do not need to match a particular key code, select “alike – factory assigned” or “alike – stock key code” in the “Key Locks” drop down list. If you already own padlocks with a particular key code and you want to buy additional keyed alike padlocks online to the same key code, select “alike – my key code” in the “Key Locks” drop down list and then enter your key code in the text box labeled “If ‘alike - my key code’ enter code here”.

A popular choice for many customers is to buy keyed alike padlocks online that are rekeyable such as the Master Lock Pro Series padlocks. The advantage of buying rekeyable padlocks is that you can replace the cylinder if you lose key control of a group of keyed alike padlocks. You do not need to replace the entire padlock. New cylinders can be purchased keyed alike to a new key code at a small fraction of the cost of purchasing all new padlocks. Consider purchasing rekeyable padlocks when you decide to buy keyed alike padlocks online at