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Economy Padlocks

  • Economy Lock 26018 Brass Padlock Dimensions
    Economy Lock 26018 Brass Padlock
    Economy Lock

    Economy Lock 26018 Brass Padlock

    $ 3.17

    1" brass padlock two keys included per padlock corrosion resistant brass body solid brass, 3-pin cylinder available keyed alike only

Economy Lock padlocks are designed for price sensitive end users, resellers, distributors, club owners, and recreation center managers. Economy padlocks are well made and will stand up under heavy use. Economy padlocks are retail carded in blister packs that can be displayed on a hook or pegboard. You can buy economy locks online from Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. on our website,

Economy locks for sale online at are grouped into six distinct padlock types: keyed brass padlocks, keyed laminated steel padlocks, combination locker padlocks, keyed disc padlocks, keyed hidden shackle padlocks, and keyless one-time use padlocks. Choose the model that works best for you and your customers.

Brass and laminated steel padlocks are the core of the economy lock padlock collection. These high quality pin cylinder padlocks are available both keyed alike and keyed differently. Since they are retail carded, these padlocks are designed to be displayed for resale. They are available in various sizes ranging from 3/4” to 2” with many shackle heights. Economy lock brass padlock models 26006, 26008, and 26018 have a 3-pin keyed alike cylinder while models 26010, 26012, 26014, and 26016 have a 4-pin keyed alike or keyed differently cylinder. Brass is a corrosion resistant material that is excellent for both interior and exterior general security applications. Laminated steel economy lock padlock models 16055, 16065, 16075, and 16085 have a 4-pin cylinder and are available all keyed alike or keyed differently. Laminated steel padlocks offer the best value for the price. Consumers who demand the highest level of security at a low price buy economy locks online at

Other popular economy locks for sale online at include the locker lock combination padlock model 35151, the 3-dial resettable laminated steel combination padlock model 4024, the hidden shackle padlock model 42010, the disc padlock model 45015, and the one-time use padlock model 53100. The extremely popular model 35151 locker lock style combination padlock is designed for resale by health clubs, skating rinks, tennis clubs, and recreation centers. Model 4024 is the lowest priced resettable combination padlock available anywhere. These padlocks are popular with shredding companies and other users in need of a padlock for general security applications. Model 42010 hidden shackle padlock is equivalent to the American Lock model A2010 at a price that is more than 35% less. Disc padlocks are popular with self-storage facilities. Model 45015 disc padlock is equivalent to the Master Lock model 40DPF at a price that is more than 35% less. Model 53100 one-time use padlock is a unique padlock that offers a very low priced and a convenient way to protect assets. The lightweight aluminum padlock is quickly locked by turning a screw. When it is time to unlock the lock, it is simply cut off. When you require low cost, lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant padlocks, buy economy lock padlocks at

There are economy lock padlocks in all major categories that are equivalent to brand name padlock models at fraction of the cost. If you want the best value for your padlock budget, buy economy locks online at