Make Sure Your Security Stands Up to Winter Conditions

Winter is on its way, which means that any padlocks or outdoor security systems that you have in place are about to face the toughest months of wear and tear that they will see all year round. At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., we are determined to keep your security systems fully functioning during the harsh winter season. Not only do we have the largest variety of different sizes, materials, and brands of padlocks, but we pride ourselves on providing the most lasting products on the market. To keep your security tight and reliable this winter season, it is crucial to...

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Protect Your Belongings with the Abus Lock Security Chain

At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., we carry products to keep commercial and industrial properties completely safe from break-ins and destruction. We have a variety of products to lock up your property, such as the Abus Lock security chain  and Abus Lock monoblock padlocks. The Abus Lock Security Chain is designed to provide maximum protection against all types of attacks. With this durable chain set, you’ll be able to secure buildings, vehicles, and equipment from unauthorized entry and theft. Your property and belongings will remain protected and locked up with one of the strongest security chains in the industry. Abus chain...

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Give Your Students High-Quality Locks This School Year

As fall approaches, the back to school season is upon us! If you are a school preparing for the fall season, make sure that your students can rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their things are protected. Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. is proud to provide schools with the padlocks that they need to keep their students’ belongings safe during the school year. Anyone who is responsible for the maintenance of a school's safety knows that one of the most depended-upon supplies is padlocks for lockers. Over time, you may find that the locks on your...

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