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Give Your Students High-Quality Locks This School Year

As fall approaches, the back to school season is upon us! If you are a school preparing for the fall season, make sure that your students can rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their things are protected. Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. is proud to provide schools with the padlocks that they need to keep their students’ belongings safe during the school year.

Anyone who is responsible for the maintenance of a school's safety knows that one of the most depended-upon supplies is padlocks for lockers. Over time, you may find that the locks on your gym or hallway lockers have become more rusted and resistant to opening; their combinations may not always result in the locker opening smoothly, and they can even become a risk for theft if they are unable to properly keep out thieves.

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. has the padlocks that will keep your students’ things from getting stolen, damaged, or misplaced during the school day. Key control padlocks are the most popular choice for school administrators. They offer the security that students want and the control that administrators need. The student can access their locker with the factory set combination and supervisors can access a student locker with the control key. We know that schools are on a tight budget, so all of the padlocks available from Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. are not only affordable, but they are strong and resistant to breakage.

If you notice that your school locks are looking more worn than usual, don't risk padlock failure. Contact Philadelphia Security Products today. We have a variety of key control student locker padlocks available for order starting from just $4.19 each. Check out our selection online at, or call 1-800-456-1789 to learn more about our selection or to request a quotation.

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