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Protect Your Belongings with the Abus Lock Security Chain

At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., we carry products to keep commercial and industrial properties completely safe from break-ins and destruction. We have a variety of products to lock up your property, such as the Abus Lock security chain  and Abus Lock monoblock padlocks.

The Abus Lock Security Chain is designed to provide maximum protection against all types of attacks. With this durable chain set, you’ll be able to secure buildings, vehicles, and equipment from unauthorized entry and theft. Your property and belongings will remain protected and locked up with one of the strongest security chains in the industry.

Abus chain is constructed from a special steel alloy and is plated in yellow zinc. The hardened steel and square link design makes Abus chain extremely difficult to cut with traditional tools, while the yellow zinc plating makes the chain highly resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the durable materials in this chain, your property is safe against attackers and the effects of the environment.

When purchasing the Abus Lock Security Chain, you can select features that will accommodate your protection needs for your belongings and your property. We can even accommodate custom orders depending on the length of chain that you require. Here are some features to choose from:

  • 5 chain link diameter sizes
    • Ranges from 1/4" to 9/16”
  • Length
    • Each chain is made to order. We can create a custom length to suit your needs.
  • Protective sleeve
    • Chain is available with or without a vinyl fabric protective sleeve

This product will greatly increase the security at your facility. Security chains can be used to block out intruders from all building entrances, leaving you with peace of mind even in the middle of the night.

The Abus Security chain works best when paired with one of the Abus Monoblock Padlocks. Their unique design is particularly resistant to cutting tools. Each one features a 5-pin tumbler, which can be keyed alike or differently.

At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., you can buy Abus padlocks, along with a variety of other security products in bulk at an affordable price. All of our high quality products are built to withstand the toughest conditions to guarantee that your property will stay safe.

To learn more about the Abus Lock Security Chain, or to buy locks online, visit our website at
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