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Make Sure Your Security Stands Up to Winter Conditions

Winter is on its way, which means that any padlocks or outdoor security systems that you have in place are about to face the toughest months of wear and tear that they will see all year round. At Philadelphia Security Products, Inc., we are determined to keep your security systems fully functioning during the harsh winter season. Not only do we have the largest variety of different sizes, materials, and brands of padlocks, but we pride ourselves on providing the most lasting products on the market. To keep your security tight and reliable this winter season, it is crucial to know the best methods for withstanding the elements.

Corrosion-Free Materials

Corrosion is by far one of the easiest ways that your padlocks can get broken down and become ineffective. Once the material of the lock begins to break down, there is little that can be done to stop corrosion. The best way to avoid needing a new padlock after each winter season is to solve the problem from the start. Luckily, Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. offers a large selection of locks manufactured with corrosion-free materials such as:

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Vinyl-Covered Material

Buying combination padlocks using one of these corrosion-free materials is the simplest way to ensure that your lock withstands the damaging winter weather. Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. provides the largest variety of these products with modest pricing.

Watertight Shackle Gaskets

When water finds its way into a padlock, it can spell disaster for your security, making the lock easier to penetrate. Moisture can easily rust a lock from the inside out, which renders your lock ineffective and susceptible to breaking by force or by weather conditions alone. For this reason, we offer all-weather padlocks that come with watertight shackle gaskets. These waterproof shackles keep your lock from becoming rusty, preventing it from jamming or breaking altogether.

Keyway Covers

Keyway covers are yet another feature offered with many of our products, which serve as protection for the keyhole on your padlock. Covering the keyway might not seem like much, but it is very effective when it comes to keeping dust and debris from finding its way into your padlock. Once again, by thinking ahead and purchasing a lock with a keyway cover, you can solve the problem before it even happens.

Padlock Lubricant

A hugely effective way to protect your security system is to use padlock lubricant. This solution is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and keeps your padlock working like new throughout the winter months. By coating the lock with a protective shield, padlock lubricant keeps out all of the moisture, dirt, and debris that can cause your security to fail. Padlock lubricant is great in any temperature or weather condition, making it the difference-maker you need to give your locks a fighting chance this winter.

If you are seeking Abus, American, Sesamee, or Master locks for sale, contact us today at 800-831-1497 or browse our site to see all of our products.

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