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What You Need to Know About Safety Lockout Padlocks and the Lockout/Tagout Procedure

When you're working with hazardous materials, one of the first things that should be considered is how to ensure employee safety when machinery is undergoing maintenance or repair. The lockout/tagout system, which uses a number of safety lockout padlocks and folding lockout hasps to ensure that the machine cannot accidentally harm workers, is crucial to maintaining an OSHA-compliant workplace and ensuring that potentially hazardous maintenance procedures do not put your employees at risk.

If you are transitioning to an industry or process that requires that you employ the lockout/tagout system, read on to learn the crucial information that you need to understand to keep your workspace safe.

  • What types of industries use the lockout/tagout system? Industries in which an isolated, dangerous energy source is used to operate machinery are typically required by OSHA procedures to use the lockout/tagout system. This includes fields that work with electricity, hydraulic pressure accumulation, extremely hot or cold substances, radiation, and explosive gases.
  • Why is the lockout/tagout system used? The lockout/tagout system is used to ensure that when machinery that uses dangerous materials or power sources is undergoing maintenance, the machine is not accidentally started while workers are in close range. This allows maintenance workers to greatly reduce the possibility of injury when working with these types of hazardous materials or power sources and prevents accidental death.
  • What types of safety lockout products are available from Philadelphia Security Products, Inc? We carry a variety of safety lockout products that are suitable for a range of industries. From bright and highly visible safety padlocks used on standard maintenance hasps to oversized plug and hoist control covers for odd or oversized electrical outlets, we at Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. currently offer a wide range of OSHA-compliant products to keep your employees safe.

No matter if you're working in the electrical industry or you're in the area of chemical research, Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. has what your workspace needs to ensure employee safety. Browse our website or contact us today to find OSHA-approved safety locks and materials suitable for most industries.

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