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What is the Hole on the Bottom of a Padlock?

Chances are you have used a padlock before for many reasons, but have you ever noticed the tiny hole on the bottom? It’s okay if you haven’t — pinholes in a padlock can be hard to miss. However, they hold more importance than you might think. Let’s take a look at how the hole on the bottom of your padlock could benefit you significantly in the future. 

What Does the Small Hole Prevent? 

Most of the time, padlocks are used for outdoor purposes. If you don’t have a weather-resistant padlock, your padlock is working around the clock to stop any damage occurring from different weather conditions like rain or snow. The pinhole on your padlock acts as a drain hole. The hole on the bottom of a padlock allows water to drain. This prevents the padlock’s internal mechanisms from rusting, so they can continue to function properly. When the water is removed, it also can’t freeze inside the lock under cold temperature conditions.

Another essential role played by the small hole on the bottom of your padlock is its ability to help you improve the performance of the padlock. If the lock is stuck or the key won’t turn properly, you can spray synthetic padlock lubricant into the hole. This will allow you to turn the key easily and open the padlock.

Looking For an Alternative?

While the small hole on the bottom of your padlock is made to protect your lock, some people prefer a tougher option for outdoor use, such as padlocks found in our weatherproof padlock collection

A weatherproof padlock is the next step up to preventing weather damage to your lock during harsh conditions. They are manufactured with stainless steel and non-corrosive materials to avoid any rusting or freezing!

State-of-the-Art Security Products

Now that you know the job of the small pinhole on your padlock, you can feel confident that your padlock can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and more. 

Philadelphia Security Products offers a wide variety of locks that will leave you satisfied with any option you pick. Visit us today to check out our security products! 
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