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Keep Your Employees and Their Belongings Safe

How You Can Help Keep Your Employees and Their Belongings Safe

Employees carry various personal belongings to the workplace, including mobile devices, supplies, and packages they would like to use later when they leave work. This comes with the risk of increased theft cases, leaving your employees concerned about their belongings' security.

Fortunately, you can deploy several security solutions to help prevent theft in the workplace, ranging from CCTVs to access restriction and quality locks, readily available from Philadelphia Security Products, Inc.'s online store.

Here's more on practical solutions for the safety of employee belongings.

Use Interior and External Locks

Having proper locks for employees is essential to keeping their belongings safe. There are various types of locks you can use to secure places where employee belongings are kept. For instance, employee changing rooms may have interior lockers secured with combination padlocks. The changing room should also have a unique lock.

The goal is to have a lock on all interior cabinets and exterior doors. You can buy combination padlocks in bulk for interior lockers and cabinets for consistency in the level of protection. However, there are several other options to choose from.

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. is a reliable nationwide industrial distributor of security hardware solutions from Master Lock, Abus Lock, and American lock. You can compare our unique assortment of premium quality combination padlocks for sale on our website.

Install a Surveillance System

Employee rooms, areas, and lockers should be protected by 24/7 surveillance. This provides another level of protection. You can install the latest smart surveillance technology complete with alarms and triggers when someone tries to break into these areas.

For instance, in the hotel industry, you can have an alarm set to go off if a person tries to get to the locker room when all employees are in a shift. CCTV surveillance makes it easy to trace theft incidents.

However, it is important to set up proper surveillance that captures all crucial angles. They should also be maintained, and the data examined periodically to evaluate its efficiency.

Restrict Access to Employee Areas

Designating employee areas and restricting access only to employees is another efficient way to help reduce theft cases. If only employees access the site, you can implement an access control system that uses swiped badges or codes to recording names of those entering employee areas, including the unique timestamps. More importantly, keep locker rooms and break rooms locked.

Purchase Quality Locks and Hardware

You should take theft cases seriously and investigate all incidents employees raise concerning stolen belongings. Installing surveillance, access control/restriction, and padlocks will significantly deter thieves and make it easier to trace and investigate incidents.

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. has provided security hardware from the top brands for several years. Contact us today to find out more about security locks and solutions for employee belongings!


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