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Combination Padlocks

buy combination padlocks
All Weather Resettable Combination Padlocks All Weather Resettable Combination Padlocks
  • constructed from all weather materials such as brass and stainless steel
  • 4-dial resettable combinations
  • quantity discounts
All Purpose Resettable Combination Padlocks All Purpose Resettable Combination Padlocks
  • many sizes for various applications and budgets
  • 3-dial and 4-dial resettable combinations
  • quantity discounts
Key Control Combination Padlocks Key Control Combination Padlocks
  • combination padlocks with control key for authorized access
  • locker lock and 4-dial resettable styles available
  • quantity discounts
NOn-Resettable Combination Padlocks Non-Resettable Combination Padlocks
  • general use padlocks at a great price
  • non-resettable combinations
  • quantity discounts


Padlocks are grouped into two distinct categories: keyed padlocks and combination padlocks. Combination padlocks have one feature that makes them the preferred choice of many customers, they are keyless. No key means that there is no key to lose. A combination padlock is opened by entering numbers in a particular order.


Combination padlocks are manufactured in many shapes and sizes and are classified into several large groups depending upon certain features. These groups include non-resettable combination padlocks with the combination permanently set by the factory, resettable combination padlocks which allow the user to change the combination, and key override combination padlocks which can be opened with either a combination or a key.

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. has all types of combination padlocks for sale on our website Choose combination padlocks from all major manufacturers including Master Lock, American Lock, Abus Lock, and Sesamee.

Consumers buy non-resettable combination padlocks because they do not want the resettable feature and for the low price. These are standard padlocks with the dial-on-the-face combination that are designed for use on gym lockers and tool boxes. They are the preferred padlock for gym owners who want to offer a high quality padlock to their membership at a reasonable price.

The most popular non-resettable models are the retail carded Fortress 1850D and our own Economy 35151. If you want to buy a solid padlock as an end user or reseller, we have many models of combination padlocks for sale on our website

Resettable combination padlocks are very popular for end users who need to buy a padlock with a combination that can be changed. These models vary in size from small 3-dial luggage locks such as the Master 630D to large 4-dial all-weather padlocks like the Master Lock model 1178.

The selection of resettable combination padlocks includes models constructed from brass and stainless steel, padlocks with all-weather features such as sealed shackles and weather caps, and padlocks with long shackles. We stock thousands of resettable combination padlocks for sale in our warehouse for immediate delivery. When it is time to buy combination padlocks, visit our online store

Key control combination locker padlocks are the choice for school administrators. Master Lock model 1525, American Lock model A400K, Zephyr Lock model 1925, and Abus Lock model 78/50KC are the most popular models. These padlocks have a non-resettable combination that is provided to the student.

School administrators have a key that will open all of the padlocks in the school. In addition, a control chart is provided to the school administrator. The chart is a list of all of the padlocks by serial number with the corresponding combination.

The control chart is useful when a student forgets his or her combination or when the school wants to reassign a padlock to a new student. All key control locker padlocks are registered with the manufacturer so that additional non-duplicating padlocks can be purchased in the future that operate with the same control key. School administrators find the largest selection of key control combination padlocks for sale on our website