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The Advantages of Rekeyable Padlocks

There are various types of padlocks available which means that businesses have multiple options to keep their valuables safe. One popular type of padlock is the rekeyable padlock. These padlocks have a removeable cylinder. Learn the three benefits of rekeyable padlocks before you buy.

Rekeyable Padlocks Offer Improved Security

One of the most notable advantages of rekeyable padlocks is how they contribute to improved security. Non-rekeyable padlocks frequently have only 3-pin or 4-pin cylinders. Most rekeyable padlocks have 5-pin or 6-pin cylinders. The more pins in the cylinder the more difficult it is to pick. More pins also mean more key codes available for that padlock model which reduces the chances of key code duplication. Rekeyable padlocks offer higher quality security.

Rekeyable Padlocks Are Cost-Effective

Keys can be lost in a variety of ways. A staff member might misplace one and lose track of it, or a retiring employee might bring it home with them by accident and never return it. Whatever the case may be, a lost or stolen key may require padlock replacement. This is not an expensive fix if it is just one padlock, but if the lost key opens many keyed alike padlocks, the replacement costs can be expensive. A notable benefit of rekeyable padlocks is that the padlock owner can easily remove the cylinder and replace it with a new cylinder that has a different key code. Replacing the cylinder does not require a locksmith or any special skills. The cost of replacing the cylinder is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire padlock.

Rekeyable Padlocks Are Versatile & Convenient

Carrying too many keys is one of the biggest customer complaints. There are many different cylinders available for rekeyable padlocks. This helps reduce the number of keys a person needs to carry. For example, if a customer needs to lock a gate or shed with a padlock, they can order the padlock with a door key compatible cylinder that operates with their house key. Rekeyable padlocks can be ordered with a cylinder that opens with another manufacturer’s key. Both of these situations enable a customer to key different locks alike and avoid adding keys to their key ring.

Locksmiths like rekeyable padlocks for their versatility. Rekeyable padlock cylinders can be replaced, but they can also be re-pinned. Re-pinning is the process of replacing the pins in the padlock cylinder transforming the cylinder into a new key code. This allows a locksmith to carry one padlock model with one key code. When needed the locksmith can re-pin the stock padlock to make it a new padlock.  

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Meta: There are a variety of padlocks available to purchase, such as rekey able padlocks. Here’s an explanation of what they are and their advantages.

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