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The Benefits of Bluetooth Padlocks

Security is no joking matter. When you’re buying Master Locks, whether for a storage unit, work locker, or your vehicle, you want to make sure your equipment is protected. Regular padlocks can get the job done just fine, but they have a lot of disadvantages. They’re easy to break, they require a key, and you never know if someone has tried to pick it before. Fortunately, we live in the digital age, where everything is technologically accessible.

Enter the Bluetooth padlock! This digitally advanced device is giving regular locks a run for their money. Bluetooth padlocks provide higher security, increased accessibility, convenience, and alerts. You’ll always be connected to your protected possessions if they are secured with a Bluetooth padlock.

 High Security

Bluetooth padlocks are much more advanced than their regular counterparts, which can be picked with simple tools. Smart locks are controlled via an app on your smartphone. Once your product is registered on the app, unlocking is as simple as the touch or swipe of a finger. This means that nobody but you and the people you trust has access to your padlock. In addition, smart locks send users tamper alerts if someone ever tries to gain access without the owner’s knowledge. These state-of-the-art products are made from durable materials that are weather-resistant and hard to break.

Increased Accessibility

You don’t have to lock up your property and forget about it. A Bluetooth padlock is synced to your smartphone, giving you 24/7 access. This allows you to monitor the padlock remotely, so you know exactly who is accessing your belongings, and when. You can also extend access to others. Share temporary or permanent access with your trusted acquaintances via your smartphone app, for as long or little as you want.


You can’t beat the convenience! The best part of owning a Bluetooth padlock is that you never have to carry around a key or remember a random combination. If it’s in your nature to lose or forget important items, you should strongly consider employing a Bluetooth padlock to secure your belongings.

Bluetooth padlocks are the way of the future. You never have to wonder about the state of your protected possessions because you’ll always be in the know. If Bluetooth padlocks are not what you’re looking for, we also carry combination padlocks for sale and so much more! Contact a Philadelphia Security Products representative to find out more about how our padlocks ensure security like no other.


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