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Key Things To Consider When Choosing Safety Lockout Padlocks

With lots of options available when choosing to buy a safety lockout padlock or organize a security program for a business that utilizes heavy machinery, we understand it can be difficult to decide which safety lockout padlocks to buy. Combined with the complexities involved with managing a professional lockout program for multiple facilities, sometimes security can be an overwhelming area of business management.

To help you navigate through these decisions, we’ve developed a list of considerations when choosing your safety lockout padlocks — in addition to an unrivaled selection of locks that are ideal for industrial use.

  1. What type of safety padlock is best for your application? The whole purpose of a safety lockout padlock, obviously, is to keep people safe by keeping them out of restricted spaces. Locks made specifically for this purpose need to be made from the strongest of materials, such as steel, aluminum or composite materials that resist damage from water, chemicals and other corrosive substances and stand up to all temperatures and neutralizing electrical currents.
  2. What kind of key system suits your business best? You might find it best to take a different-keys-for-different locks approach, giving each individual ownership of his or her own safety padlock. Or, you can choose a single-key option for a group of locks, giving a supervisor the ability to secure and access spaces whenever necessary.
  3. What’s your identification situation? It is often necessary to label safety lockout padlocks so employees can accurately assess the situation in the locked out area or with the designated machine without having to waste time radioing for information. Lockout padlocks are available in many different colors and can also be engraved, personalized or marked with vital details.

Safety lockout procedures help to prevent an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year to machine operators, craft workers, and laborers servicing equipment. Compliance with all safety lockout procedures is required by law in many states. Here at Philadelphia Security Products, we offer an extensive selection of safety lockout items for sale online.

For more information, and to buy master locks or view the extensive selection of padlocks available, click here to visit Philadelphia Security Products today.

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