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How to Use Monoblock Padlocks For High Security Application

At Philadelphia Security Products, we understand your need to for security, whether it be for your business or personal use. We carry American lock padlocks, Master padlocks, and Abus padlocks, to name a few of our brands. Abus Monoblock padlocks are an excellent option for securing items at risk of being stolen or of great value. The worst time to invest in a heavy duty lock is after an incident occurs and you realize you should’ve been better protected. Instead, you should take appropriate measures to prevent the attempt of burglary in the first place. With Monoblock padlocks, you can rest assured that your belongings are secure in safe keeping.

Don’t be negligent when choosing the right lock for your valuable items. Whether you need to secure gates, shutters, containers, or doors, Monoblock padlocks maintain durability for a wide range of security needs. It’s important to choose a lock that provides optimal protection. Read below to learn how Monoblock padlocks will secure your items:

What Are They Made of?

To protect your business or personal items, you should consider the materials used to make the lock. Manufacturers make brass lock options because they are one of the most durable metals; therefore, they yield excellent results. Philadelphia Security Products carries Monoblock padlocks made from solid brass with a chrome-plated steel jacket. Steel alloy is the strongest metal, although brass is not far behind. Monoblock padlocks that are made from solid brass are impervious to high impact, making them a premier choice.

What Are The Benefits of Monoblock Padlocks

  • If you are in need of a lock in areas where moisture is present, Monoblock padlocks are made to withstand such conditions. Brass padlocks are built for high moisture applications, in that they don’t rust. Their solid brass body is perfect for corrosion resistance.
  • The shackle on Monoblock padlocks is made from hardened alloy steel. Steel is the strongest alloy, making it the perfect material for locks. This heavy-duty steel shackle will protect against pesky thieves, as they are extremely difficult to cut.

No matter where your valuables are tucked away, we have a lock designed for your needs. For the protection of your business or personal items, invest in Monoblock padlocks or buy master locks from Philadelphia Security Products. To learn more about our industrial locks, please call us at 800-831-1497 or email us at
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