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Choose the Right Padlock for Your School’s Lockers

If you work at a school, then it’s time to start thinking about stocking up on supplies for the fall. For example, the lockers at your school need to be secure against theft and tampering but easy for authorized personnel to access when necessary. That’s why you need to do your homework on the different types of locker-style combination padlocks.

At Philadelphia Security Products, we offer three padlock styles created by trusted brands that are designed to fit your school’s needs:

Key Control Locker Padlocks

Key Control Locker Padlocks have unique combinations but can all be opened by a control key that allows for fast access by school personnel. We sell the control key separately, so you can buy as many identical keys as your school requires.

All orders of these keyed alike padlocks come with a combination control chart. This chart can be used to retrieve forgotten combinations. Each padlock has a serial number etched onto its back, and this serial number is listed on the chart next to the padlock’s combination.

Standard Locker Padlocks

Standard Locker Padlocks are not opened with keys and can easily be resold, which makes them very affordable. Our Standard Locker Padlocks sell for as low as $2.15 a lock. These padlocks feature a factory set combination, stainless steel body, and heavy-duty construction.

ADA Inspired Padlocks

Master Lock designed ADA Inspired Padlocks so that students with different physical or cognitive abilities can independently operate each lock without struggle. These locks include easy-to-remember combinations and easy-to-turn dials. Models may also feature:

  • PushKey padlock with a large key head
  • Key control built-in
  • Portable padlock

You Can Add More Locks to an Existing System

If you ordered keyed-alike padlocks from us in the past, then we can send padlocks that will work on your existing locker padlock system, or we can start a new system. If you purchased your original set of keyed-alike padlocks from a different supplier, then you may be able to buy American Lock padlocks, Master Lock padlocks, and Abus Lock padlocks from our store that are keyed-alike to that existing system.

Discover the Right Padlock for Your School

Your school may benefit from our discounts for large orders or our next day delivery option. To find out more about Philadelphia Security Products and our selection of locker-style combination padlocks, contact us today.
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