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Prevent Equipment Theft at Your Business

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Despite this, one out of three organizations has no physical security policy in place for their electronic assets such as laptops and mobile devices. Philadelphia Security Products provides physical security solutions to protect your business’s assets. We offer trusted brands like Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Lock for sale online.

We have also manufactured and distributed Flexguard Security System security cable locks since 1985. Flexguard hardware protects computers, large machinery, and small company assets from theft. If your organization is upgrading the physical security of its equipment, consider how best to use the three categories of Flexguard products:

Retractors for Small Items

Also known as recoilers and pull boxes, Retractors protect small items on display. They are ideal for retail display products, medical devices, trade show items, and remote controls. The Retractor’s steel wire is spring-loaded to a base that is mounted to the display, cart, or table with screws or 3M double-sided tape. This wire attaches to the item through one of several optional ends: adhesive, pads, loop, collar, eyelet, or a magnetic adhesive pad. The steel wire of a Standard Retractor extends up to 36 inches and has a tensile strength of 200 lbs.

Security Tethers for Items Used Over a Limited Distance

Security Tethers secure any small products that can be used over a limited distance, such as trade show items, service counter items, and smartphones. These ⅛ inch diameter, plastic-coated steel cables are available in lengths of up to 20 feet. When purchasing this product, you may select a pre-designed tether, or you may design a unique tether. Options include straight or coiled cable, optional attachment types for each cable end, and cable length.

Security Cable Locks for Large Equipment

For larger machines -- including laptops, computers, projectors, printers, and televisions -- Security Cable Locks provide the best protection. An adhesive plate is connected to each piece of equipment you wish to secure. You then thread a vinyl-coated steel cable through each plate and lock it directly to the desk or another adhesive plate. There are four different models of Security Cable Locks that can protect up to four components and stretch up to 20 feet. Each lock can be keyed alike or individually.

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