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Could You Benefit From a One-Time Use Padlock?

Philadelphia Security Products recently introduced an aluminum one-time use padlock to its wide selection of security products, such as Master padlocks, for sale online. The idea of a lock without a key or a code may seem odd to some, but there are several advantages to a padlock that you can only use once.

You Know When These Locks Have Been Opened

The only way to remove a one-time use lock is to cut its shackle. The cut shackle leaves unambiguous evidence that someone has tampered with the lock, so if anyone gets past this padlock, you will know about it.

Never Worry About Losing Your Keys

One-time use padlocks do not require a key to open, which means that you will never have to worry about the security of the area where their keys are stored. Additionally, when a package, rail car, or truck is shipped a long distance, the senders won’t have to worry about safely sending a key to the receiving location.

Perfect for Areas That Are Not Accessed Often

If you regularly need to open a secured area, then it might be unreasonable to keep buying a new aluminum lock every time. Rarely accessed places like an old storage unit, however, are perfect for this unique style of padlock.

Deters Thieves and Vandals

Most theft and vandalism is a crime of opportunity, so a highly-visible padlock will stop many problems before they occur. Additionally, few vandals will come prepared with the pair of bolt cutters needed to open a heavy-duty, single-use lock.

More Substantial Than Similar Single-Use Options

Many one-time use seals are not very secure. Plastic and wire seals just don’t provide the protection and long-term durability offered by a real, aluminum padlock. Using a more secure lock also increases the odds that you will receive an insurance payout in the event of theft or vandalism.

Available for a Much Lower Price

One-time use padlocks are a fraction of the cost of a keyed or combination padlock.

Who Can Most Benefit From This Lock?

Several industries and individuals have chosen one-time use padlocks to secure items or to show evidence of tampering. For example, these padlocks can be used to:

  • Send an object through Customs
  • Lock aircraft liquor carts
  • Safely dispose of medical waste
  • Protect luggage
  • Safeguard medical cabinets
  • Secure storage units and semi-trailers
  • Fasten utility and electric meters

Find the Right Security Solution Online Today!

Philadelphia Security Products offers everything that your business needs, from simple combination padlocks for school lockers to safety lockout padlocks that protect workers from electrical, mechanical, and chemical hazards.

Contact us today to find out more about our one-time use lock and other security products!

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