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5 Ways to Protect Your Patio Area This Summer

5 Ways to Protect Your Patio Area This Summer

Summer entertaining in the backyard is always a highlight of the year. This year, after spending months indoors, cooped up with the family, and waiting out the coronavirus crisis, we know you’re especially excited to get out the grill, open the pool, and drag all of your favorite patio and deck decor out of storage. It’s almost time for fun in the sun!

But first, let’s pause and think about security. How well are you protecting your outdoor valuables and keeping unwelcome visitors off of your property? You invested a lot of money in your furniture, your barbecue gear, and playground equipment. You can’t take everything inside at the end of each day to keep it safe from theft and vandalism, so it definitely pays to step up your backyard security game.

  • Smile! You’re on Camera! — Technological advances over the years have transformed home security, to the point where you can monitor your surveillance camera via wifi from remote locations. If you already have a security camera at the front of your home, maybe it’s time to install a matching one out back.
  • Light it Up — Adding more light to the area won’t just discourage trespassers and help to spot them if they ever show up, but it will also keep out pesky critters who can damage your property and dig in your garden.
  • Fix Up Your Fence — Is your perimeter or pool fence in a bit of disrepair? Age and harsh weather can take their toll on fencing materials, and what good is a safety and privacy barrier for your property if it has holes in it or is falling apart? Consider upgrading to a heavy-duty security fence.
  • Quality Padlocks on Sheds and Gates — Installing a sturdy locking system on your storage shed, pool cabana, and gate latches is an effective and affordable way to keep your belongings safe. You can’t go wrong with all-weather padlocks from Master Lock or Abus.
  • Security Cables for Furniture — Burglar-proof your deck chairs, picnic table, barbecue grill, and even your backyard trampoline or other playground equipment by attaching steel security cables (with a powerful padlock, of course) or utilizing python cable locks.

Philadelphia Security Products is the place to shop for all of your backyard security needs. We carry a vast selection of padlocks and security cables that will protect your valuables and withstand the rigors of any summertime storm, from all of the top brands in the industry. Browse through our online inventory and place your order today to get your yard ready for months of summer fun.

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