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What is a Safety Lockout Padlock?

The first time you've got to buy safety lockout padlocks might be a little confusing. Aren't they like any other padlock you can find in a supply store?

In some ways, perhaps they resemble a lock you'd buy at the store, but there are essential differences between a safety lockout padlock and a standard padlock that you should know.

The Definition

Safety lockout padlocks are characterized by what they're used for, first and foremost. Where other locks are used to secure doors or lockers, safety lockout padlocks are specially designed to fit on machinery, electrical switches, and valves to protect employees from potential hazards while they are servicing the equipment or are otherwise exposed to the hazard. 

Moreover, since the the padlocks themselves are not designed specifically for high security applications, they are manufactured from lightweight or non-corrosive materials such as aluminum or plastic and can be purchased in a number of bright colors. 

What You Need to Consider

When buying safety lockout padlocks, it's important to consider a few different things to make sure your locks best suit your needs.

Safety Lockout padlocks are available all keyed alike, keyed alike in sets, master keyed, or all keyed differently. Most safety lockout systems require padlocks that are all keyed differently. The reason this keying option is preferred is to ensure that a safety padlock can only be removed by the employee that applied it to a lockout situation. 

Are There Identifiers on the Safety Padlock?

Traditional padlocks don't tend to have special casings and aren't usually engraved with a person's name. By contrast, safety lockout padlocks can be engraved with identifiers such as a company name, department, or the employee's name. Most safety lockout padlocks are available in a several bright colors. These colors are easy to see and are often used to identify the type of technician that has locked out the hazard. 

If you are looking to buy safety lockout padlocks for your business, give the Philadelphia Security Products team a call today!

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