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Combination Locker Locks

Features Economy 35151 Master 1850D Abus 78/50 Master 1500 Master 1502
Shim Proof --- --- yes yes yes
Control Chart --- --- --- --- yes
Control Key --- --- --- --- ---
Lowest Price $2.15 $2.23 $3.19 $3.79 $3.89
Packaging carded carded carded boxed boxed
Shipping* 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day 10 days
Features Zephyr 1925 Abus 78/50KC Master 1525 American A400K
Shim Proof yes yes yes yes
Control Chart yes yes yes yes
Control Key yes yes yes yes
Lowest Price $4.19 $4.19 $4.66 $4.71
Packaging boxed boxed boxed boxed
Shipping* 3 days 3 days 10 days 10 days
Shim Proof Protection
The use of a small tool to open locks without a key or combination is called "shimming". The tool is slipped down the shackle of the lock and forces the locking mechanism open. Locks identified as  shim proof  have internal guards that prevent shimming and are therefore more secure.
Control Chart
Each locker lock you order has a unique serial number imprinted on the back. The control chart for these locks is a list of the serial numbers and the corresponding three-digit combination. The control chart is included with the order and should be kept in a safe place. It can be used by authorized personnel to retrieve the combination of any lock in the system using the serial number imprinted on it. Without the control chart the serial number on the back of the lock is meaningless.
Control Key
Locks with the control key feature have a keyway in the back of the lock that enables the locks to be opened with a special override key. Control keys should be kept in a safe place. Additional locks can be ordered to open with the master control key assigned to that end user.   Control keys are sold separately.
Registration of Locker Locks
Customers purchasing padlocks that have a control chart are registered with the manufacturer. Registration makes it easy to expand the customer's locker lock system in the future without duplicating combinations. Only registered end users may purchase additional control keys and control charts.
Carded  locks are individually packed in retail cards for an easy way to display the locks for resale.  Boxed padlocks are conveniently packaged in plain boxes to save space and packing material. 
Shipping lead times indicated in this chart are typical. Actual lead times may vary.