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Safety Lockout Padlocks

safety lockout padlocks for sale
  • OSHA accepted 
  • lightweight aluminum & plastic
  • bright colors for high visibility
  • standard or long shackles
  • keyed alike, keyed differently or master keyed
Safety Lockout Padlocks Comparison
Safety Lockout Devices 

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Safety lockout practices and procedures are workplace safety standards regulated in the USA by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). OSHA has put forth requirements and best practices to protect workers that may be exposed to electrical, mechanical, or chemical hazards during the performance of their job.

It is estimated that safety lockout and lockout/tagout procedures prevent 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries to craft workers, machine operators, and laborers who service equipment each year. Compliance with safety lockout procedures is required by OSHA. Philadelphia Security Products has an extensive selection of safety lockout products for sale online at our website Visit us today to buy safety lockout padlocks and devices by Master Lock, American Lock, and Abus Lock.

Safety Lockout padlocks are built with lightweight plastic or aluminum bodies so that they can be comfortably carried by the worker on his or her belt. It is recommended that each employee has his or her own unique padlock and key. This practice eliminates the chance that another worker can accidentally remove a padlock when it is locking out a hazard. Because of this “one employee, one lock, one key” policy, large facilities may require thousands of key differs to properly protect all their employees. These facilities buy safety lockout padlocks with 6-pin cylinders to enable up to 40,000 key differs. The American Lock S1100 series and the Master Lock S6800 series are 6-pin safety lockout padlocks. Smaller facilities can buy safety lockout padlocks with 5-pin cylinders such as the very popular American Lock A1100 series and still supply each employee with a unique lock and key.

Safety lockout padlocks alone cannot provide protection from most workplace hazards. Most hazards require a device that disables the hazardous action and a padlock to keep the device in place. For example, electrical hazards are frequently locked out by installing a clamp on the circuit breaker to keep it in the off position. The clamp is then kept in place by the worker’s safety lockout padlock. Master Lock manufactures an extensive line of safety lockout devices that fit particular lockout hazards including hasps, electrical lockout devices, valve lockout devices, and cable lockout devices. Most lockout devices are manufactured from brightly colored high impact plastic for excellent corrosion resistance and high visibility. Many facilities prefer to keep lockout supplies in lockout kits and stations that are wall mounted or in portable lock out boxes. The most extensive selection of safety lockout device for sale online can be found at

When you need to buy safety lockout padlocks or safety lockout devices online, shop at We have hundreds of products for sale and offer both regular ground and next day air shipping. We also offer expedited padlock production for both Master Lock and American Lock padlocks through the Master Lock Express Program. Custom orders for up to 400 safety lockout padlocks are built to order and ready to ship in 48 hours. Couple this with reasonably priced next day air shipping and in just a few days you can have your safety lockout padlocks on site. If you need to buy safety lockout padlocks online in a pinch, visit