Keys, Duplicate
Keys, Duplicate

Keys, Duplicate

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$9.95 flat rate shipping on all duplicate key orders!

Purchase additional keys for padlocks you already own or extra keys for a new padlock purchase.

How to Order Padlock Keys
1. Indicate if this is a master key for a master key system in the drop down menu labeled "Is this for a master key system?". If you are unsure, click on the small image of the keying diagram for an explanation of the various keying options. 
2. Enter the padlock model number in the text box labeled "Padlock Model".
3. Enter the complete key code for your padlock in the text box labeled "Key Code". The key code can be found stamped on an original key. The complete number may be on two lines. Be sure to include all numbers and letters. If you are ordering keys for a new padlock purchase, enter "NEW".
4. Enter the number of keys that you want to purchase in the box labeled "Quantity".
5. Take a picture of the key clearly showing the key cuts and stamped key code. Click on "Choose File" in the box labeled "Add Key Image" to upload the image of the key to your shopping cart. This step is not required, but it may expedite your order.

Do not use this menu to order control keys for Master Lock model 1525, American Lock model A400K, and other locker padlocks. You can order control keys on the product page Locker Padlock Control Key. 

Most standard cut keys ship from our warehouse in 2 business days. Master keys and some uncommon keys will ship directly from the manufacturer in 7 to 10 business days. Master keys can only be sold to registered customers.

Do you have a large order for duplicate keys? Request a Quotation for pricing and lead time.

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