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Fortress padlocks by Master Lock are grouped into three distinct padlock types: combination locker padlocks, keyed aluminum padlocks, and keyed disc padlocks. We offer quantity discounts on all of the Fortress padlock models. Choose the model that works best for you and your customers.




The Fortress models 1850D and 1850T combination locker padlocks are the traditional dial-on-the-face style padlocks. The stainless steel body and black plastic dial will not corrode in locker room environments and the solid construction withstands frequent use. Model 1850D is a single padlock with a unique, factory assigned combination. Model 1850T is a 2-pack of padlocks with both padlocks combinated alike. The 1850T 2-pack is very convenient for end users with two lockers who want to remember only one combination. Consumers buy Fortress padlocks for the low cost and ease of use.

Consumers buy Fortress padlocks for their unique features. The Fortress keyed aluminum padlocks are lightweight so that they can be carried easily in a backpack or briefcase. Aluminum is corrosion resistant making the Fortress aluminum padlocks the perfect choice for locker rooms and other areas where the padlock may get wet. Models 1840D, 1840DLF, 1840T, and 1840Q are the most popular models of keyed Fortress padlocks. They are retail carded for easy display. Model 1840D is a single 1-1/2” wide padlock with 1/4” shackle diameter and 7/8” vertical shackle clearance. Two keys are included with each 1840D padlock. Model 1840DLF is the same as the 1840D with 1-1/2” vertical shackle clearance. Many end users want to buy Fortress padlocks in packs of multiple padlocks all keyed alike. Model 1840T is a 2-pack of 1840D padlocks with both padlocks keyed alike and model 1840Q is a 4-pack of 1840D padlocks with all four padlocks keyed alike. Two keys are included with both the 1840T and 1840Q multi-padlock packs. Other aluminum padlocks include model 1830D, a 1-3/16” padlock that is useful for smaller applications and model 8850D, a larger 2” aluminum padlock. When your customers require low cost, lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant padlocks, encourage them to buy Fortress padlocks.

The Fortress model 357D is a shrouded shackle disc padlock. These padlocks are the preferred choice for self-storage lockers and other highly vulnerable situations. The stainless steel body resists corrosion and the protected 3/8” hardened steel shackle is extremely difficult to cut since so little of it is exposed when the padlock is closed. The Fortress model 357D disc padlock is only available keyed differently. Model 357D disc padlock is retail carded for easy display and two keys are included with each padlock. Consumers who demand the highest level of security at a low price buy Fortress padlocks.