Disc Padlocks

Disc Padlocks provide superior protection against cutting. They are popular for storage facilities, gates, and trucks.
  • Stainless steel body offers outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • The low profile rotating shackle is extremely difficult to cut
  • Abus models are available in standard 2-3/4" width or oversized 3-3/16" and 3-3/4" widths

Disc padlocks are designed differently than traditional padlocks. Disc padlocks have the same components as other padlocks including a lock body, a hardened steel shackle, and a pin cylinder, but that is where the similarity ends. The round body of the disc padlock houses a rotating shackle. The key is inserted into the keyway and when the key is turned, the shackle rotates unlocking the disc padlock. Turning the key back locks the shackle. While the padlock is in the unlocked position, the key cannot be removed from the cylinder. This is a security feature that prevents the padlock from being left in the unlocked position. The advantage of the disc padlock design is that very little of the shackle is exposed. The shackle of the padlock is shielded making it practically impossible to access it with cutting tools.The design of the disc padlock is only one of the features that make it one of the most secured and durable padlocks available. The stainless steel lock body and brass cylinder and pins are designed for all weather and marine applications. Small holes in the padlock body allow water to drain from the body reducing internal component corrosion.Select disc padlocks for security and durability. A complete selection of disc padlocks online for sale can be found at AllPadlocks.com.

Though disc padlocks for sale online all have the same basic design, there are various sizes and brands. The leader in both quality and selection is the Abus LockDiskus brand disc padlock.The Abus disc padlocks are available in several distinct series. The 28 series includes model 28/70. This is the most economically priced Abus disc padlock model. Model 28/70 includes a standard 4-pin cylinder and 3/8” hardened steel shackle.It is available all keyed alike or keyed differently. The Diskus 26 series includes models 26/70, 26/80, and 26/90. These 5-pin cylinder padlocks are available keyed alike, keyed differently, and master keyed. The shackle diameter ranges from 3/8” for model 26/70 to an incredible 1/2” for the 3-5/8” diameter model 26/90. Other high security disc padlocks include the 24 series Diskus padlocks. These padlocks have the unique rekeyable feature. Series 20 padlocks offer maximum security with a stainless steel shackle and the ultra-secure Plus disc cylinder with over 40,000 key differs. When it is time to buy disc padlocks online, you cannot go wrong with choosing Abus Lock Diskus brand padlocks.

Other disc padlocks for sale online at allpadlocks.com include the Master Lock model 40DPF and our economy lock model 45015. Both of these padlock models are equivalent to the Abus 28/70 with a 2-3/4” stainless steel body and a 3/8” diameter hardened steel shackle. Order these padlocks all keyed alike or keyed differently. Both model 40DPF and model 45015 are retail carded. This allows them to be easily displayed for resale at storage facilities or other locations where disc padlocks are commonly needed.Buy disc padlocks online at AllPadlocks.com.

Philadelphia Security Products offers disc padlocks online for sale at allpadlocks.com. These high quality padlocks are used in situations where high security and durability are required.