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Abus Titalium Padlocks


Abus Titalium is a special aluminum alloy that uniquely combines a high level of strength with lightness. Titalium series padlocks all feature an impressive stainless-steel finish. Within the Titalium range, there are three standard lines in various sizes for individual security requirements. With the flagship 80TI series, the main 64TI range, and the entry-level 54TI series, Abus offers a versatile range of security solutions for both private and commercial applications.


We recommend that anyone considering a brass padlock should switch to the Titalium equivalent. Until recently brass padlocks have been the standard for low-medium security locks however the market has changed due to shortages and increases to the cost of copper. Abus Titalium padlocks are light in weight, strong, and heavily weatherproof all at a lower price point than the equivalent brass padlock.