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Secure Your Valued Possessions with Flexguard Security Systems

Since 1985, Philadelphia Security Products has been a leading manufacturer the Flexguard Security System. Security cable locks protect larger items like desktop computers and laptops from theft while smaller security tethers are popular for securing tablets, handheld medical devices, and remote controls. Additionally, the Flexguard security retractors protect and manage the smallest items such as retail display products. Use the Flexguard Security System for computer security and asset protection wherever assets are at risk of theft. For locking entrances and enclosures, Philadelphia Security Products has larger Master locks for sale to meet those needs and provide reliable security for business and home owners alike.

Flexguard Security Tethers

Flexguard security tethers are affordable, versatile plastic coated steel cables used to secure small items. They are available in straight or coiled versions and can be built to any length up to 20 feet. Our large selection of cable ends accommodates numerous applications, offering peace of mind no matter what you’re looking to protect.

Flexguard tethers are used to secure small items such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Retail display products
  • Trade show items
  • Service counter items
  • Remote controls
  • Smartphones & tablets

Flexguard Security Retractors

Retractors offer inexpensive, high-quality protection for small items. The 36" vinyl coated steel wire is spring-loaded so that it retracts automatically into the base. The base can be mounted to surfaces with convenient 3M adhesive pads or screws. Adhesive ends, loops, eyelets, and collars offer a wide variety of attachment options for the retractor cable. Retractors are also known as pull boxes and anti-theft recoilers.

Flexguard Security Cable Locks

Flexguard security cable locks are constructed from vinyl-coated steel cables that offer maximum protection from theft of laptops, computers, and other valuable machines. Choose from our convenient cable lock kits or order separate components to customize your order.

Flexguard cable locks provide maximum anti-theft security for:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Projectors
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • & more

Your Go-To Provider for Security Products

Are you looking for a reliable way to ensure that your belongings are safe, sound, and secure? Our security tethers, retractors, and cable-locks are perfect for the job. At Philadelphia Security Products, we provide a resource to buy keyed alike padlocks in addition to a variety of essential security solutions. To learn more, contact us at 800-831-1497 and continue to browse our site.

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