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Keep Your Business Safe For The Holidays

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How You Can Help Keep Your Business Secure During the Holidays

With Christmas approaching, lots of businesses will be closing their doors over the next few weeks. This can prove to be an opportunistic time for thieves to break in and steal from your workplace. As a popular place to buy master locks online, we’ve collected some effective security tips to keep your business safe this holiday season. 

Take Care When You Dispose of Trash 

During the holiday season, many businesses receive more deliveries than usual. This could be additional stock to sell, gifts from clients, etc. Once you’ve emptied the boxes, don’t chuck them into the dumpster with their labels in full view. Peel off the stickers and shred them, and then tear up the boxes and put them in bin liners before you dump them. Thieves could see their labels as advertisements for the goods stored inside.

Lock and Arm Your Facility Securely 

If your office is empty for an extended period, try to make sure that everything is locked as securely as possible. We recommend that you buy safety lockout padlocks wherever they are needed. For premises with access control systems, make sure that you change the settings if doors are set to automatically unlock on certain days when you will be absent.

Carry Out Background Checks on Any Seasonal Employees 

If your business is open during the holidays and requires extra staff due to an influx of customers, make sure you’re cautious. Conduct a thorough background check on each temporary employee, ensuring that you email or call their references. Also, make sure that you provide enough training for them to carry out their job successfully. Finally, change any alarm or door pin codes when the seasonal staff leaves. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.


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