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Consider These Padlock Security Features

Consider These Padlock Security Features

Whether you’re trying to protect personal items or add more security to your work premises, a padlock is the go-to security product many people turn to. However, with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which lock will provide you with maximum security at an affordable price. Below we break down some of the security features you should be aware of when shopping for a high-security padlock.

Lock and Key Size

The general room of thumb when it comes to lock size is that bigger is better. Bigger locks have more security features embedded in them, like anti-drill plates or anti-pick pins. However, the size of your lock really depends on the item(s) you’re trying to secure. You don’t need a Pro Series 2 inch Master Lock for a work locker, but buying a file cabinet lock bar for cheap online wouldn’t work for your truck either.

On the same note, pay attention to the key size when you’re purchasing a padlock. When we say key size, we mean the number of pins in the keyhole. If you’re looking for more protection, a key that has more pins will be harder to break into, so it provides more security.


Not all padlock materials are made the same. Brass and steel locks have the least cut resistance, so they provide the least protection. That’s why these locks are usually the most inexpensive to purchase. Medium-strength locks are made from stainless steel or hardened steel materials. If you’re looking for maximum security, you’ll want to choose a lock made from the best materials: boron alloy. This has the highest cut resistance.

Anti-Drill Plate

An anti-drill plate is a revolving layer of hardened steel or another durable alloy that prevents a drill from infiltrating the lock. Drilling is a quick way to gain access to whatever you’re protecting because it renders the lock useless by destroying its internal mechanisms. Not all locks are created with an anti-drill plate, so pay special attention if you’re shopping for a high-security lock.

Shackle Cover

A shackle cover, also known as shoulder shroud, is a protective plastic piece that covers the top of the lock, where the shackle meets the lock. Without a shackle cover, the intruder could easily break into the lock by inserting a small shim into the space between the shackle and lock, and shaking the shim until it dislodges the shackle. A big, thick shackle cover will offer more security.

No matter what valuables you’re trying to protect, we have a security product that works for you. Contact a Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. representative to find out more about all the available American Locks, Fortress Padlocks, and Master Locks for sale.


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